WAPP-WFS dissolved air flotation units

WAPP-WFS dissolved air flotation units can be utilised for the physical/chemical pre-treatment of different industrial waste water (e.g. dairy industry, slaughterhouses, meat processing industry, other kinds of food industry, automobile industry, metal industry etc.) and also to remove suspended solid, organic substances and grease-oil with float-free method.

Floating is an intensificated physical-chemical treatment process during which the phase separation happens in a well-controlled way and with the help of dissolved air. The suspended solid and also the grease, oil and colloid contaminants in sludge phase don’t precipitate with the help of micro but they come up to the surface of the water inside the installation where they can be removed with the skimming system with. Depending on the circumstances, coagulant (appropriate metal salt), flocculant (appropriate polymer) are necessary for the process. Also, to set up the pH chemicals (acid or alkali) are necessary.


  • automatic operation;
  • manufacturing for special size as per request;
  • no compressed air;
  • no need for compressor;
  • no need for the preparation of compressed air;
  • minimal failure possibility;
  • compact, space-saving design;
  • robust construction;
  • if required specific material quality choice;
  • direct manufacturing/repairing contact.

Fitting and operation accessories for WAPP-WFS dissolved air flotation units

  • raw water sending pump and its fitting into the system;
  • flow measuring device and its fitting into the system;
  • complete system integration
FeaturesTypes of WAPP-WFS dissolved air flotation unit:
Total length (L)*mm1,5002,0002,7803,2005,0007,000
Total width:mm1,4901,4901,4901,4901,9001,900
Total height (H)*mm2,3302,3302,3302,3302,3302,330
Nominal power*kW2.
Empty weight*kg1,0001,5002,0002,5003,5004,500
Operational weight*kg2,5003,5005,0006,50011,00017,000

*it can change after a detailed specification