WAPP-DS rotary drum screens

The WAPP-DS rotary drum screens  can be utilized for mechanical pre-treatment (filtering) of different types of waste water based on the required filtering fineness. Its utilisation area is widespread, mainly in industrial waste water treatment e.g. dairy industry, paper industry, textile industry, slaughterhouses, meat processing industry, other kinds of food industry etc.

The appropriate product range and its fitting and operation accessories, which provides the maximal filtering performance besides the necessary gap diameter, can be chosen depending on the quality of the pieces of contaminants.

Benefits of WAPP-DS rotary drum screens

  • easy to assemble;
  • robust design;
  • minimal failure possibility;
  • its side wall can be removed with only one bolt;
  • simple maintenance and cleaning;
  • specific gap sizes (even from 0.02 mm);
  • if required specific material quality choice;
  • automatized washing/cleaning system;
  • direct manufacturer and repairing contact.

Fitting and operation accessories for WAPP-DS rotary drum screens

  • screenings distributing system (pulley, compressor etc.);
  • electrical control cabinet, PLC;
  • complete system integration
Features WAPP-DS equipment types
WAPP-DS 300 WAPP-DS 660 WAPP-DS 990 WAPP-DS 1330
Total length* mm 750 1 0501 3501 900
Total width (W)*mm1 1001 1001 1001 100
Total height (H)*mm1 3001 3001 3001 300
Rated power*kW0,250,250,250,25
Empty weight*kg200350425500
Operational weight*kg350550700850
Maximum filtering capacity **0,5 mm25 m3/h50 m3/h75 m3/h100 m3/h
1,0 mm40 m3/h80 m3/h120 m3/h160 m3/h
2,0 mm60 m3/h120 m3/h180 m3/h240 m3/h
5,0 mm80 m3/h160 m3/h240 m3/h300 m3/h

*it can change after a detailed specification
** with drinking water depending on the gap diameter

Safety Certification (CE)

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